NBG Residue Disposal Area NBG Residue Disposal Area NBG Residue Disposal Area
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Newmont Asia Pacific/Newmont Mining Services Pty Ltd


NBG Residue Disposal Area


Boddington, WA


The project involved the staged construction of a Residue Disposal Area over 2 years.

A large part of the project involved the construction of the upstream embankment using tailings material and clay.  The tailings material had a high moisture content which proved to be unsuitable for some heavy equipment. CHC carried out a number of trials and investigations on the preparation, drainage and excavation of the tailings material and were able to drain highly saturated areas that previously could not be accessed by conventional machinery.

Key activities:

  • clearing and topsoil stripping
  • bauxite mining
  • downstream clay embankment construction
  • upstream embankment construction using tailings material and clay
  • clay & HDPE liner
  • drainage network installation
  • reinforced concrete rail beam construction
  • bulk excavation
  • moving deposition pipelines